17 days


3 days

for the sold-out

Omnichannel campaign for Coca-Cola Specialty

Performance marketing to sell a unique product for one of the world's most beloved brands.


Coca-Cola HBC is the main producer and bottler of The Coca-Cola Company branded products in Italy. They are the leading manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks in our country.

American Uncle

American Uncle, of which I am a partner, has over time developed a "For Brands" division that can bring strong brands to the hearts of our 150,000 customers.

The For Brands division creates interest around launching products and services, using owned and earned media as a stage for ambitious brands that need to get into the homes of a wide audience

You can find out more about American Uncle For Brands on the dedicated website.



Coca-Cola HBC needed to distribute the new set of products through a channel that would enhance the bottle in its original retro style and a series of 3 novel flavors.

Concept and launch

The campaign launch, offered not only in the advertising part but also on all channels available to American Uncle, included a 20 percent discount valid from Aug. 13 to Aug. 30 for purchasing a Coca-Cola HBC product (bundled or individually).

Managing American Uncle's performance campaigns from the very beginning, we were certain that all the clients we had acquired over the years were interested in such a product.


The style of the campaigns kept true to the vintage idea of the famous glass bottle that made its appearance in the early 1900s, from the purpose-built landing page to the ads created.

The performance campaigns lasted only 3 days to reach the sold-out of the product with 4350 sales.




17 days


3 days